Our Story

Think back to when you were 14, 15,16, just getting your independence, maybe your driver's license. That first glimpse of adulthood felt pretty great. For many of us the understanding that we soon had to work to make an income started to build in our minds, or at least that we one day had to create a life for ourselves. For many of us that is when our “Creative Ideas” began to flow. The “When we grow up, we are going to do this, or that.” The sure-ness in our voice. How many of those creative ideas of what we wanted to do in adulthood got smashed to pieces or interrupted by the cobwebs of the traditional school system, that did not do its best to cultivate your creative minds, except for a bit in art class, or in a business entrepreneurship elective. Was there a better way of cultivating your creative side to grow your idea into a business, or income stream to begin your journey as an adult? A better way through “Home Based Instruction” or Homeschooling?

So why Slipper’s? What does a slipper business have to do with homeschooling?

Let us introduce our son Kypton. Kypton picked up the nickname “Kyppers” one day when we were searching for one of his slippers. One of us found his slipper and shouted “I found Kypper’s Slipper!” and that stuck in our heads as we launched Kypton’s first business, “Kypper’s Slippers.” But again, how does that connect to homeschooling? We are getting to that very soon.


We didn’t want to just be another slipper or footwear brand on the internet. That is where the element of adding a “Home based Instruction” aka Homeschooling leg to the brand came into play.


We know that very soon we will have to think about what educational route we would take with our children. Before we know it, Kypton would soon be of the age to start school. Together my Wife and I came to the decision to not send our kids to traditional school, and to homeschool them. We wanted to build a business that could house many of the very components of a true education for a young adult around 11+ years of age. Maybe even younger. Things like: Art & Design, Photography, Numbers, Accounting, Creative Thinking, Branding, Supply Chain & Logistics, Science of materials used in the slippers, environmentally friendly materials, Carbon Footprint, and much more. 

Bringing this element to Kypper’s Slippers allowed us to attach a true and honest motive to our business. One of the real concerns many parents have about their kids' education, which is why our core mission at Kypper’s Slippers is to give a percentage of our profits to non-profit Homeschool organizations across the United States. And going a step further of integrating in an education curriculum allowing any homeschool family to participate in any element of the business subject Kypper’s Slippers may have to offer, and to help Kypper’s Slippers actively give back to each kid’s educational foundation through homeschooling. And above all, help kids prepare for their career journey ahead, through our  “Kypper’s Clean Education” program.

Apply and Enroll in “Kypper’s Clean Education” Program HERE, to participate in and of the educational subjects below:

  • Business Management
  • Numbers & Accounting
  • Art / Design / Photography & Videography
  • Warehouse / Order Fulfillment 
  • E-Commerce / Website Building
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Science of materials
  • Creative Thinking
  • Branding
  • Athletics / Health / Dietary 
  • Construction
  • Homesteading Basics