Kypper's "Clean Education" Program

Our #1 Mission and Purpose:

A percentage of every purchase helps give to homeschool organizations around the United States and helps us build the "Kypper's Clean Education" program. A completely FREE program.


Apply at the bottom of the page: to sign up and get approved to receive grants and financial support from our Kypper's Clean Education Program each quarter.

  • Approved homeschool applicants receive grants and financial support each quarter.
  • Approved homeschool applicants gain access to participate in Kypper's Clean Education Learning Program.

    What is Kypper's Clean Education:

    • Provides optional programs that allow homeschool families to enroll their kids into various subjects/apprenticeships at Kypper's Slippers.
    • Some of which are active roles in our company's day-to-day operations.
    • Each subject is curriculum based teaching your kids real-life skills that will benefit them in whatever career they pursue.


    Available Learning Subjects:

    • Business Management
    • Numbers & Accounting
    • Art / Design / Photography & Videography
    • Warehouse / Order Fulfillment 
    • E-Commerce / Website Building
    • Supply Chain & Logistics
    • Science of materials
    • Creative Thinking
    • Branding
    • Athletics / Health / Dietary 
    • Construction
    • Homesteading Basics
    • Partnerships with other homeschool learning programs


    Each applicant goes through our vetting process and is approved to gain access and membership to this program.

    Complete this form to begin the application process.